Parenting Styles! Quiz! Which on are you?

Parenting Styles! Quiz! Which on are you?

As new Parents you may be wondering what style are you going to raise your child up by well here’s a quiz that well help you find out if you’re a, Brick wall- Controlling everything your child dose or says and always giving them time outs, Jellyfish- Alwasys letting your kid to whatever their little hearts want never giving them time outs or Backbone prizing them when they do good and giving them time outs when there bad! Sooo Witch one are you?

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What would you do if.. Your kid wants to go over to there friends house for a sleep over buts its a school night and you kid has a test tomorrow and you were just ask last minute?

Tell them NO and ground them for wasting your time knowing they weret allowed to go over on a school night.
Tell them maybe next time they can go sleep over when there was more time ahead.
Tell them yes they can go over and to have fun

What would you do if... Your Kid wants to go for Icream because they have been good for the lats few weeks.

You tell them to keep on the good behavery and maybe they well go somewhere fun but frist lets get some Icream.
NO you haven't eatin' lunch yet and you have homework so no Icream.
Say yes but instand of taking them to a plain old Icraem place take them to a waterpark for a day of fun!

What would you do if... Your kid Got a B+ on there math test but got introble with a classmate in class?

Give them hugs and tell them how smart they are and tell them its the other classmates fault not theres.
tell them how much better they could have done in there test and tell them to do it again intill the get better and ground them for getting introuble.
For getting a B+ on there test take them out for dinner but also take away there tv for a week and get them to apoligize to the classmate.

What would you do if....Your kid got hurst trying to help there friend when a bunch of bullys started to beat up said friend?

Look them in the eye and tell them that your glad that they tryed to help but next time get a teacher or grab there friend and run.
Yell at them for being such a disappoiment and that they shouldn't hang out with that friend anymore and then send them to there room.
Give them hugs and whatever they want for being such a strong friend and hero.

What would you do if... Your kid tell's you that they don't love you?

Breack down infrount of them and ask what you can do to change there mind.
Take a deep breath and tell them to go to there room and to thing on what they had just said.
Grab them and yell at them for how ungrafey they have been then ground them with nothing to eat.