what catagory are you in worrior cats?

what catagory are you in worrior cats?

Are you a worrior, aprintance, deputy, kit, or leader. You should love which ever one you are!

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What do you act like when around friends?

silly, odd
Act like you are strong
All of the above.

If you were boss how would you act to kids

act lovy but hate them
play with them 24/7
act like them
can't let them out of my sight
All ways thinking "Gatta' protect"
all of the above

Do you like to take care of the clan?


Do you think of others?

All the time!
I guess
Do you have to ask? No.

can you spend a night with out kits?

Of corse not
Maybe, I might get worried
Yes, I love to sleep alone.
all of the above