He hates you, but he loves you...

He hates you, but he loves you...

This is for girls ONLY. It's about a boy Who I know hates me. But he asked me Out. So when a boy always hates you, that Also means he likes you. Enjoy this. Lol Comment and follow too!

published on June 22, 201384 responses 8 3.0★ / 5

What does he do to you everyday?

He always kick me
He flirts around me
He hits me

If he asked you out, what would you do?

Say hell no
Say hell yes
He wouldn't asked me out

He says to you, what's up bitchh, you would say...

Aw thanks for calling me pretty
You're a bitchh too
What the heck?

Yeah this is short, You say
Hey hottie! He would say...

You hot too
Shut the f*** up
I wouldn't say that!

Last one, hey babe, you say. He says...

Yo, what's up
Shut up pls.