How Much Summer Can You Handle?

How Much Summer Can You Handle?

Summer is a special season because you get to have fun and party? Can you handle it?

published on June 18, 201340 responses 12 4.4★ / 5

Am I pretty? This dosen't really affect anything much but I have excpetations. (just pick yes if you can handle summer)


It's really hot outside so you:

Stay in your room to be glad that you don't have to spend time in the heat
Put on a tank top. Done!

How good are you with kids?

Good. If they don't spit or poop.
Kids are adorable, escpially in summer

Your mom plans a party and invites everyone you know. What is on your mind?

Omigosh! What am I going to wear?
Aww. Seriously mom.

If you saw your crush talking to another girl what would you do?

Just have your own fun.
But in and make things miserable