Do you have what it takes to be famous?

Do you have what it takes to be famous?

Ever wondered if you'll be famous one day? Think you'll have what it takes? Lets find out with this quiz! :)

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Do you always sign up for talent competitions or school plays?

Yeah i always get the part :)

Do you love being in the centre of attention?

Yes i will kill anyone who steals my thunder;)
No it scares me
I do if i'm doing something everyone thinks is cool

Would you describe yourself as popular?

Yes everyone loves me
No i'm a bit of a loner
Just normal

Would you donate money to any charity?

Yeah i like to help people

Do you like entertaining people?


Are you shy?

No i have never experienced that feeling before
Yes all the time
Well when there are a lot of people i don't know yes

Do you have stage fright?

I've never been on a stage before
A little

Could you handle critisism?

Yes no one can bring me down, they are just jealous
No i think i would cry
I don't really like it but i don't think it would affect me that much

Do you care about how you look?

Yes duh!!
Not really
I do but i wouldn't consider myself perfect

Do like being healthy?

Yes exercise makes my body look good
No coach potato
I exercise sometimes

Do you like being complimented?

Yes who doesn't
I have never been complimented
Yeah but it makes me feel weird

:)Random question:) favorite food?

Chicken wrap