Traditional or Modern Wedding?

Traditional or Modern Wedding?

In South Korea, you can easily go to a traditional Korean wedding, and turn a corner and find yourself at a very modern Western wedding. Which way would you go? Many Southern Koreans find themselves in a position between what they want and what their elders want, especially when it comes to weddings.

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Is opening a door at work for a woman by a man good etiquette?

Yes. It has been and always will be.
No. This is sexist, women can open doors for

Muscles look good only on men.


I will choose my outfit at my wedding.

Of course!
No, someone close to me will.

In dual career marriages, the man’s career is more important because if they decide to have children he must support the family.


During family meals, the father should sit at the head of the table.

No! Anybody can!
Yes, it is respectful.

I prefer longer weddings, they are more intimate.


I will invite only my closest family and friends to my ceremony, no need for people I barely know.


How important is the ceremony?

It is the most important thing!
It should be short, let's get to the party!

How should people dance at the wedding?

However they want.
First the couple gets to dance their practiced dance.
People can't really talk well and mingle with loud dancing, so dancing is going to be downplayed.
Everybody should dance at the same time.

What kind of food will be served and how will it be served?

People will come to a buffet-like area to enjoy home-made foods.
I will hire a chef so nobody will have to worry about cooking.
I will just have people running around with light finger foods.
After the ceremony, everyone will sit down and eat together.

How many people would you invite?


Daytime or nightime wedding?


Is it important to follow a schedule?

Not really