Which vampire diaries character are you? ;)

Which vampire diaries character are you? ;)

Big fan of vampire diaries? Ever wondered which character you would be? Find out with this quiz! P.S sorry if you're a girl and get a guy character or a guy that gets a girl character:p

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What do you think about vampires?

What do you think about vampires?
You can't always trust them
Totally awesome
Don't like them
They are the strongets coolest people on earth
Sexy and mysterious
Too dangerous
Complicated but lovable

How do you deal with grief?

Drown sorrows in alcohol
Try to ignore it
I get totally emotional and i can't handle it
Keep myself busy
Don't go anywhere for days
I get over it quickly
WTF i don't care

If someone comes to you with their problems what do you say?

Get over it
Okay i'll see what i can do
Don't worry everything will be okay
Lets solve it now, you can always trust me to help you
Omg! That is so totally terrible
We'll get through this together
I don't really care. Do i look like a person who cares about other peoples feelings?

What do you mostly find in your closet?

Black leather jackets
Casual shirts and jeans
Cute tank tops
Casual tunics
Cute designer dresses
Jeans and jock jackets
Jackets and shirts

What color is your hair?

Light brown
Dark brown
Between black and dark brown
Dirty blonde
Brownish blonde

Would you let someone you love die if they wanted it that way

Who cares
If they want it that way then yes
I would die for them
I'm not sure

What drink would you prefer?

Ice tea
Anything fizzy

How would you kill someone?

Rip out their heart
Stake them
What!?! I would never kill anyone
With my magic
Snap their neck
Shoot them
Suck all the blood out of their body

You're doing the thing you love most in the world then some one calls you to say they need help. What do you do

Finish what you're doing then go
Go help immediately
Of course I'll help them but how?
Depends who
Maybe i'll go
I'll try my best
Lol! I don't help people

Which character do you think you are?