Which BFH class should I be?

At the end of this quiz you will have an idea of the best BFH class for you!

published on May 17, 20119 responses 0
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You have 2 options: Take a lone soldier in the distance, or go and help your team in a difficult position. Which one do you choose?

Snipe the heck out of the lone soldier and abandon your team.
Go and help you team and disregard the lone soldier
Screw it! I'm taking both!

There is 3 enemy soldier closing in on you, what would you do?

Get the hell out of there and take them from a distance
Blast them away then go get help from your team
Tank them all and confuzzle them with your speed

If you were at a distance from an enemy what would you do?

Strafe behind a tree and stealth-fully sneak behind the enemy
To keep a safe distance and pistol your enemy to death
Rush the balls off them, giving them no time to re-act

If you are in a town on a map and the whole enemy team is rushing in in Jeeps, what would you do?

Keep a safe distance and maybe plant some mines
Hide behind a wall then surprise them with a blast into a wall
Try to take it down with a RPG from a distance

If you know an enemy is behind a tree or a fence but you can quite get him, what would you do?

Tell your team where he is and then shoot
Throw some grenades down to where he is, hoping for an easy kill
Spam kegs of TNT and RPG until he is forced to retreat