What's Your Shoe Style?

What's Your Shoe Style?

Hey guyz! It's just a really good day today and I wondered if it is let's make it a really good quiz! Enjoy!

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Your at a camp your parents sent you to and your biggest fear is:

That they won't visit a cave while your there
That the food at lunchtime won't include smoothies
That you won't be able to send a pic of you hiking

What app are you likely to download?

Angry Birds
O.P.I Nails
The Weather Channel

There's a big party at your enemy's house but you weren't invited. You:

Go anyway!! Hmph
Make a big deal out of it by comlaining to your parents
Stay home and watch TV instead

What describes you most?


During a trip to the mountains what's your ideal packing need?

Tons of bug spray
Makeup and Nail Polish
A bunch of rock climbing and sledding materials