What's Your Shoe Style?

What's Your Shoe Style?

Hey guyz! It's just a really good day today and I wondered if it is let's make it a really good quiz! Enjoy!

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Your at a camp your parents sent you to and your biggest fear is:

That they won't visit a cave while your there
That the food at lunchtime won't include smoothies
That you won't be able to send a pic of you hiking

What describes you most?


There's a big party at your enemy's house but you weren't invited. You:

Go anyway!! Hmph
Make a big deal out of it by comlaining to your parents
Stay home and watch TV instead

What app are you likely to download?

Angry Birds
O.P.I Nails
The Weather Channel

During a trip to the mountains what's your ideal packing need?

Tons of bug spray
Makeup and Nail Polish
A bunch of rock climbing and sledding materials