who are you from hunger games

who are you from hunger games

the 74TH hunger games haves beginnig will you survive or will you die?

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how are you?(physically)

(GIRL)dark hair and dark eyes
(BOY) blond and blue eyes
(BOY) normal
(GIRL) very bueauty blond and blu or green eyes
(BOY) handsome
(GIRL) dark hair, strong and intimidating
(GIRL) with a not ussual hair color (red, purple..) and insightful eyes
(BOY) dark sking , strong and tall
(GIRL) lovely, small and pretty
(GIRL)blond and green eyes
(GIRL) i dont think it´s important
(GIRL) why do you ask?
(BOY) perfect

how are you?(as person)

i care about my family and the people i love, i´m intelligent
dreamer, always in my world and i could do anything for the people i love
strong, fast, brave
sexy, perfect, and beuaty
brave, and i love kill
with a talent to kill and inteligent
elusive, i look at all the details and intelligent
good person and strong personality
lovly, shy, good person and quiet
sometime bad, some time good... it dpends
i can make people to do what i like
shy, and quiet

you know how to

use a bow and an arrow
throw spears
be sexy and perfect
throw knifes
identify good berries from poisonous ones
make traps
jump from a tree to another tree
swim very well
be very intelligent
i don´t have a talent
run fast

think fast you are at the cornucopia what do you do?

well.... there are some weapons closer to me... i cna get one or two
run or allie with somebody who can protect me
take what ever i need and kill
ask a strong boy to allie with me(he will i am very beuty) and tell him to kill as i sit and see what is happening
kill, kill and killl
take all the knifes and throw them to the other tributes
run and find a tree water and some food
i dont konw
run! OMG i dont want to die!
oh no! i don´t know i´m going to die!
run! untill i can´t hear anything and then keep running

shh, there are some tributes looking for you

climb a tree and then i think if i migh attack them or not
kill them
if they are boys make them fall in love if they are irls, well run or kill them depending
kill kill i love kill people
kill them i want to surbive
hide and throw some poisonous berries and see if they eat them
trick them and kill them
climb to a tree, and go to another palce!
ahh!!OMG say my parents i love them!