What's Your True Color?

What's Your True Color?

What Color do you most represent? Take my quiz to find out! Hue Yourself!

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Where might your friend work in 10 years?

Selling organic bath products at a soap shop
Making sweet treats at a cute bakery
Writing for a teen magazine
Helping out at the mayor's office
As a lifeguard at various pools
Working as an architect to build bridges
Be a professional nurse at your local hospital

What is your favorite phone app?

Siri The Talking Guru
Angry Birds
O.P.I---The nail thingy
Temple Run
Fruit Ninga2 and the Original

Who might you turn to for help?

My mom
My sister
My brother
My dad
My pet
My teacher

What is the perfect gift for your friend?

A sparkly pair of earrings
Baking pans and cake mix
Tickets to a sold out concert
A gift card to her favorite store
Some cool vintage cowboy boots
A new computer
Pictures of past memories

What might be on your friend's T-shirt?

A pretty beach scene
The cover of a classic book
A black guitar and the words "rock!"
A peace sign
A funny drawing of your dog
Pictures of junk food
A girl rock-climbing