What's Your True Color?

What's Your True Color?

What Color do you most represent? Take my quiz to find out! Hue Yourself!

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What is your favorite phone app?

Siri The Talking Guru
Angry Birds
O.P.I---The nail thingy
Temple Run
Fruit Ninga2 and the Original

What might be on your friend's T-shirt?

A pretty beach scene
The cover of a classic book
A black guitar and the words "rock!"
A peace sign
A funny drawing of your dog
Pictures of junk food
A girl rock-climbing

Where might your friend work in 10 years?

Selling organic bath products at a soap shop
Making sweet treats at a cute bakery
Writing for a teen magazine
Helping out at the mayor's office
As a lifeguard at various pools
Working as an architect to build bridges
Be a professional nurse at your local hospital

What is the perfect gift for your friend?

A sparkly pair of earrings
Baking pans and cake mix
Tickets to a sold out concert
A gift card to her favorite store
Some cool vintage cowboy boots
A new computer
Pictures of past memories

Who might you turn to for help?

My mom
My sister
My brother
My dad
My pet
My teacher