What is your personality today?

What is your personality today? are you outdoorsy today or are you lazy?

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What do you do in your free time?

Go for a jog with your friends.
Sit back and watch T.V

Whats your favorite snack

Carrots with onion dip.
Box of chocolates.

When is your bed time or limit.

8:00pm because i need to be up for my morning jog
whatever time my movies end.

What do you have for breakfest

A apple or a fruit salad
A bowl of Reeses Puffs

Do you eat fast food

No not healthy
Yea whenever nothings in the fridge

Do you have a job

Yes i love to work
No it involves too much work

Whats your average day like

I have a schedule or i have plans
See how the day goes, whatever happens, happens

Do you have a social life

Yes i love going to partys
No i love sleeping

Do you run once a day


What would you consider yourself as?