What is you Pixie Hollow Talent?

What is you Pixie Hollow Talent?

Born of laughter, clothed in cheer, happiness has brought you here! Welcome to Pixie Hollow. I trust you found your way all right! Now lets find your talent little one by taking this quiz.

published on June 12, 2013105 responses 27 4.9★ / 5

What is your favorite color?

Purple, it makes me feel faster.
Blue, of all sorts! It's so pretty.
Yellow, when I wear yellow, I stand out and I
Pink, It makes me look good while tending to my
Green, it's simple and its a nice color.
Orange, It blends me in and makes the animals
more happy! I love seeing those creatures so

Who would you most likely to become best friends with?


What do you do/like to do in your free time?

Gardening! I love the smell of flowers. There are
so many
Playing with my pets, I love playing with them
Tinkering things/finding lost things
Swimming, I love feeling the water.
Racing my friends. I always win.
Playing outside in the sun. It is good to get fresh
air. Also, I love the view

What is your favorite season?

Spring! All the pretty flowers are blooming!
Any, I have so much work to do!
If it has helping animals, I'm in for a treat!
Summer and late spring! Its perfect weather to
swim in!
All of them, I can be fast in all.
Summer! Its so sunny outside and its just

Which is your favorite?

My handy hammer.
Water! It's soo wet!
animals! I love all kinds of course
pollen tornadoes... you better watch out!
sunlight, isn't it beautiful? Time for another
Flowers! They are just as cute as my outfit!