Are you a Noob?

Are you a Noob?

Find out if you are a noob, just a regular member, or an awesome member!

published on June 12, 201323 responses 1 3.3★ / 5

Whoa! You got a feature! You....

Go check your facebook page.
You share the news with your friends and be happy.
What's a feature?

Your game just got published, you....

Advertise it and spam other peoples pages.
Put the most popular tags in the tags section then go
chillax on the forums.
Watch the members come crawling up your legs.

Your new game just won the weekly contest, you....

Sip some coffee and take a nap.
Pretend your cool by sending people pewter awards.
Give yourself a pat on the back and go chillax on the forums.

You just received a platinum award, you....

You decline it and eat some doritos.
You accept it and thank the sender.
You freak out and share the news with every freaking member on the site!

Now, what is a noob? -_-

Ummm...A new member?
The people who worship me!
Uh..I like trains!