Daisy or Peach?

Daisy or Peach?

These two BFF's have it in for Mario and Luigi and motorcycles and cars. What lovely princess are you?

published on June 11, 201361 responses 24 5.0★ / 5

Wow! That is so insane! Your favorite color is:


Who's better?

Mario and the toads
Luigi and my motorcycle

What makes you smile?

When boys fight over me
When I get a new bike

Give up! Your at your last end! What is your first intention?

To save me! I can get my boyfriend and car L-A-T-E-R
To make tons of drama and then save my BFF first

How fun is that?

Wait what fun? We didn't like jump off a gigantic cliff yet?
Ummm...as a royally due princess I have no idea what ya saying!

What's on the cover of your notebook?

Pictures of fuzzy animals
Glittery pink stickers