Are You Superstar Material?

Are You Superstar Material?

Get out your microphones and best moves because maybe this feud is just for you! What's stardom have in store for you?

published on June 11, 201349 responses 11 3.9★ / 5

Make a scene, girl! Just how are you going to do that!?

What? What's all this about making a scene. I'm happy with just my jeans and T-shirts
Get into the most read magazine

Selena Gomez is in the resturant! First intention:

Impress her with your clear loud voice
See if it's a decoy...then get her autograph

Would you call yourself a diva?

I must admit...I am very much like a diva
No way! I don't think so

Are you okay?

Yeah, it's not like you can see my emotions!
Why would YOU need to know?

What's this sound? Pa pa pa!

I will figure this out...Later!
A boy calling his papa?