What kind of person are you? (11)

What kind of person are you? (11)

This little mini-quiz was inspired by my 2 favorite Q-feast quiz creators: Wackymay and Alwaysthebest! Enjoy!

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G'day! What would you do on a dream trip to Austrailia?

See a performance at the Sydney Opera House
Hit the beach
Explore a city and meet new people

What Austrailian Outback Animal is your favorite?


Woo-hoo! Summer break is here. You'll probably:

Have a sleepover with a bunch of friends
Redo your room
Hang out and see what comes up

Flash forward! In 20 years you'll be famous because you:

Wrote a best-selling mystery
Are a popular singer/songwriter
Are running a big company

Lights out! Before crawling into bed you:

Do some stretches and relax
Send one last text
Doodle in your journal

Bonjour! If you spoke a second language fluently, how many people would know?

Everyone would know
Only your best friend
Some friends, some family