Are You And Your Crush Meant For Each Other?

Are You And Your Crush Meant For Each Other?

Go up to your crush and read his/her face what is it about her or him that might give a hint. Don't know? Take the quiz!

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Are you ever alone together?

Wrestling match alone?
Yeah, he came to visit me last week

What is the main reason you have a crush on him?

Because after we get together dumping him will be hiliraious
Because he likes me for who I am

Does your crush ever say anything to you?

Yes, he calls me sweetheart...
Yeah, like Doodyhead!

Does he hold doors for you?

Not unless the teacher says he has to
Yes, he's such a gentleman

Are you in love with him?

Well, he is pretty cute and he has the prettiest eyes..
My cat?

What makes you happy?

When somebody tells me how envious they are of the attention I'm getting from my crush
When I get a good grade in a failing subject