what is your style? (3)

what is your style? (3)

How might your style impact your life? That depends. Do you know what it is? Take my quiz to find out!

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How do you get ready for a test?

Study a differnt way each time,just to mix things up
Grab your book and review it in a comfy chair
Highlight important things in your notes

When you babysit, you keep the child entertained by:

Making up a sweet story.
Coloring pictures with her.
Playing a new game.

When you start a new book, you like:

Looking at the illustrations.
Wrapping up in a blanket and reading it on a quiet afternoon.
Knowing that none of your friends have read it yet.

On the front of your notebook for school are:

Pictures of cute, fuzzy animals.
Lots of glittery stickers.
Random doodles.

Which pair of shoes would you love to wear?

Patterned ballet flats
Rainbow colored sneakers
Soft, warm moccasins