Who are you outta my power of three I made?

Who are you outta my power of three I made?

Who are you? Icehawk, cloverleaf, or mudheart. Find out here!! Make sure you do it if you want.

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Oh no! Your mom had died what do you do?

Cry. But thank starclan, your momma is
gonna be gazing at you at night in the group
of stars starclan.
You cry and sob. No!!! You can't leave me yet!
Well she was a fine mom. But she still has one
life left so?
I am the mom and I have 3 life left!

What's your favorite color?

All bright colours.

You have a apprentice named dustpan trying to plot you. What do you do.

Impossible!!! Your apprentice is weaker than
Do something. Give it a lesson fight it to
Tell dustpaw to stop it or he will get banished
from the clan.
Leave him alone. You still have 5 life left.

Fallensnow comes. You don't like him goldenstar sees you snort and stares at you. What do you do?

Say the your very sorry. Than blush back
Don't be sorry. I'm not lieing he meeps too
Well.... I'm sorry than cry and runaway until
you can no longer see their tails.
I didn't say that! Me say that!? Never!!!

This is the last question after you answer this one.

Whew! That was long holey smokes!
Do more i can still run 10 hours!
At least it was fun!!!!

What is your appearance out of these?

White with tuffed up ears. And black eyes that
glow lie shadow at night.
White with big black spots with green eyes
that blink every second.
White with big brown spots your mostly
brown. Your eyes are mix with amber and

Was this fun?

Kinda fun.
Not really. I'm bored.