what element are you? (2)

what element are you? (2)

This quiz decides what element you would be if nature gave you ONE chance to. After taking this quiz please take 4 to 5 seconds to comment and follow....thanks!

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If you could change one thing in the world what would it be...?

I would make myself ruler! (Me: Selfish..)
I would make everyone in the world happy....
I would make kids the adults and the adults kids (Me: 0_0)
I would make the world a place where if you made a wish...it would come true! (Me: I wish this answer was true!)
I would make the world free from sin :)

Favorite Color?

Red, orange, or yellow
Blue or purple
White or grey
Green, blue, or brown
Gold, silver, or bronze

Favorite food flavor?

Honey Mustard

What do you do when a bully approach you and your friends?

Ditch my friends. Who needs 'em?
Tell a teacher
Quickly run away
Team up on the bully with Water, Air, and Spirit because Fire left :/
Come up with a compromise

If you were ruler of the planet and aliens were taking over, what would you do?

Who cares?
Kill all the aliens with a tsunami
Destroy the entire world with a huge tornado and than start a new one
Battle with the Aliens
Share the planet