Who are you in Adventure Time!

Who are you in Adventure Time!

If you were in the land of Ooo who would you be? You will find out here. You could be Finn, Jake, princess bubblegum, Lady Rainicorn, Marceline, BMO, or Flame Princess. I got all of the information about the characters from the Cartoon Network web site.

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1.Favorite color?

Shades of oranges and reds.
Light blue and Blue.
Bright happy colors.
None of these.
Red and black.
Pink and purple.
I love all of the colors in the rainbow.

2.Favorite hobby?

Slaying evil creatures.
playing viola with my lover. :D
studying science.
spending time with my lover and his/her friends.
Playing pranks on people and scaring them.
entertaining my friends.
Burning things.

3.witch one of these do you wish you were?

A rainbow Rainicorn.
A bubblegum princess.
A vampire.
A dog
A game system, alarm clock, and camera.
a human.. wait I am one :|.
A fire elemental.

4.what would you like to live in?

A fire kingdom.
A tree house.
Anywhere my lover lives.
A cave.
A candy kingdom.
A barn with my lover and our kids.
I would like to live anywhere my friends do.

5.Favorite food?

Ice cream.
Korean food.
Red things.
I don't have a favorite food.
Hot and spicy foods.

6. Style?

Rainbow colored shirt and skirt.
A long pink and purple dress.
A scarlet colored dress.
A light blue shirt and blue pants, and an AWESOME hat.
A grey tank to top and blue jeans.
A wear a lot of fur pelts.
I wear a lot of different things.

7.Your past?

My past filled with anger.
My past was very fun. I live with my roommates who are my best friends.
My past is very sad. I don't want to talk about it.
Normal. I have spent a lot of time with my lover.
My past is spending time with my friend and lover.
My past is going on Adventures and stuff.

8.Who do you think you will be?

Princess Bubblegum.
Lady Rainicorn.
Flame princess.


good day my good sir.
Have a good day.
bye I had a great time.
your wasting my time.