Are You Dumb or Smart?

Are You Dumb or Smart?

Are u dumb or smart? Well, go ahead, take the quiz. You know you want to ;)

published on June 06, 201368 responses 20 3.7★ / 5

Do u like to play outside or sit there on the computer all day long?


oh no! ur house is on fire! What do u do?

Sit there like a garden gnome
crawl on the floor till u find a door that's not hot

ur swimming in the ocean. You see a great white shark and it's HUGE!!!! What do u do?

Swim away slowly and calmly
Freak out!!!!

Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend under the age of 13?


u see a strange dog that is hurt on the side of the road. What do u do?

Run up to it and hug it tight
Let it sniff ur hand, pet it, then try ur best to rescue it

Do u think ur dumb or smart

Dumb. Dummy dumb dumb. He He!