are you a vampire? (2)

are you a vampire? (2)

are a creature of the dark hunting for blood to stay alive take this quiz to find out...

published on June 06, 201340 responses 7 4.6★ / 5
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do you wish to have powers that a normal human beings can't receive?


would you obey Draculas rules and commands?

yes he is my leader
no he is a fake

are you religious and do you believe in god?

yes I am a true believer and god exist
no I not believe in god
I attend church
I think there is something out there but I am not sure

how are you on blood?

screamish I hate bloody and gory things
I like spilt blood as is keeps me alive

do you like darkness?

yes I love night time and a full moon
no I am afraid of the dark