Am I Pretty?

Am I Pretty?

Am I pretty? I really don't know but some boys at school think I am so I'm just gonna try to find out if they're right!

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I love to hang with my Bff's. Do you?

Why would I? I think your baloney!
Oh, your such a role model! I'm just like you! EEE!
Not really. But I'm happy for you!

Do you ever have this feeling inside of you like I do when someone whispers?

Yeah! I do
Uh, no...

Alright, alright! What's your favorite song?

I love what ever you love
LOL! Anything but One Direction!
Anything but what you like

That's very mean!

I'm sorry!
Wait. What'd I do?
Your a big bunch of curse!

Okay bye guys!

Bye-bye, Girlfriend!

One more time, bye!

Ugh, when will this end!