How much will you spoil your kids?

How much will you spoil your kids?

This little quiz will give you an idea of how spoil your kids are/will be, and to tell a little about the kind of parent you'll be to him/ her

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Your 4 years old wants to eat ice cream at 4 pm, what do you say?

Sure, honey, what flavor? do you want to go to Dairy
Queen ?
Not right now, we'll eat soon, but maybe after dinner
If you want to, serve yourself
Ice cream ? No, you can't eat that it's not good for you!

Your 14 years old girl wants to go shop for clothes at the mall with a friend, what are you most likely to be like ?

Okay, here's 100$
Okay but call me every hour! Let go check your closet see what you need, because I am not paying for extra clothing
No, I buy the clothes you wear them. Anyway, clothes at the mall are way too expensive!
Sure sweetie, girls never have enough clothes! But you don't have to use your christmas money, here's an other 500$, buy the prettiest clothes out there!

Your at the store with your 3 years old little girl, she keeps on screaming because she wants all of the toys, what do you say to her?

No, you don't need toy. Stop screaming or you'll have a time out.
All right you can have toys. Just stop screaming, please!
Sure princesse! Take the toys you want, which ones would make you happy?
If you behave until we leave the store you can have one toy.

It's lunch time! What is your 8 years old eating?

Pizza leftovers from yesterday
Pogos and smiley baked patatos!
A whole grain sandwich
Scooby Doo soup!

You just brought your newborn home. It's night and he's crying, what do you do?

Wait a few minutes, if he don't stop I go check on him, maybe he's hungry or something
Babies cry, that's what they do. I don't get up, I need sleep
After a while I ask the other parent to go check on him, just make sure he's alright
I get up as soon as I hear something, I sing a lullaby, cuddle them, everything until they fall a sleep.

Your 11 years old wants to go see a movie rated 13 with friends at the theater, what is your reaction ?

No way! Their will be violence and bad language and sex. It's says 13, are you 13?
Of course honey, here's money for your popcorn and slush, do you need anything else?
I'm not sure... Will your friends parents be their? What movie is it?
All right

How many kids do you want?

0, but I might have one just to pass my genetics, or to please my relatives
1, that I can love with all my heart!
2 or 3, a cute little family!
More than 3, I better have good raising methods!

What do you think about childhood?

It's the time where your kid become who he is by various activities (chores, school, friends, sports...)
It's a period before it becomes an adult.
It's a period of fun, and experimentation and happiness!
It's the time where your kid needs to learn responsabiliies, so ihe/she needs to learn how to manage school and chores