Who are you (4)

Who are you (4)

Wanna find out what you're REALLY like? Take this quiz and find out! take this quiz with all your friends and show them too!

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Favourite climate

Summer-Beach time!
Winter-sitting by the fire and reading
Spring-picking flowers and making things with
Autumn- jumping in leaves with your friends

What do you look for in guys/girls

Shy and smart
Fit and cute
Funny and cuddly
Fun and energetic

What makes you happiest

Reading and cooking
Shopping and dancing
Sports and drawing
Just being with friends makes you happy

What's your favourite colour

Anything bright
Nne of the above

Would you rather:
A- muck around with friends
B- sit quietly and watch
C- have a big D&M with your besties
D-hang out with the popular kids rather than the silly kids