mandarin ducks

mandarin ducks

beautiful/colorful bird with lots of unique colors and patterns the female has a greyish body and blue feathers on their wings

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what do mandarin ducks look like?

A) The male is very colorful and the female is
very grey
B) The male is grey and the female very colorful
C) Their both very grey
D) Their both very colorful

where do they live?

A) North America and Asia
B) South America and Australia
C) Antartica and Asia
D) Europe and North America

what do they mean?

A) symbol of love and happiness
B) Danger
C) Evilness
D) loyalty

baby male Mandarin ducks have colorful feathers when they are born.

A) True
B) False

The male is more colorful then the female

A) True
B) False