Favorite Color

Favorite Color

Wanna know your favorite color? Well this quiz will help you figure that out. Maybe you like a different color than you thought.

published on June 03, 201336 responses 5
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What do people think of you?

Im sad and happy
I love nature
i get mad easily
Im always happy
Im shy but sometimes outgoing
Im kind and funny

What do you do in your free time

Punch my pillow
Plant trees
Hang out with all my friends
Talk on the phone
Play board games
Lay out in the sun

Do you eat fruits and vegetables?

Yes- i grow them myself
I am a balanced eater
not vegetables
Im to angry to eat
All the time

What do you (did you) do at recess?

dig in the dirt
hang out with 2 friends
wait for someone to come over to me
swing, slide, climb rock wall, play kickball, SO MUCH MORE!!
Play adventurous games with my friends

what do you do in the summer?

Play outside
Swim, sometimes by myself
hang out with friends
im always with my friends doing something
im by myself a lot
Going home from sleepovers