Are you visual effects, stallion1, or firetigerx.

Are you visual effects, stallion1, or firetigerx.

Stallion1 the scammer, visual effects the police, or firetigerx the brant girl?

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You trip in club geoz and hurt your knee. What so you do?

Scream ouch my leg hurts!!!
What hurts, I'm not showing I'm a scardy
Find a vet. I have tons of doctors in towns!
Well, it will get better itself. I shall ignore my thoughts.

What's your favorite color?

Devil red

Snowyclaw asks you to date with her. You say no. Snowyclaw bans you imediatly.

Blush back and say sorry snowy.
So? Shall I apoligize?
Well, I was joking! Don't need to do that.

What's your favorite animal jam animal out of these?

Arctic wolf their cool!
Snow leopards they rule!
Lions they roam!
Wolf they rock!
Seals are funny I guess.
I don't like any of these

Two mean girls whispers to each other and point at you, your mad. What do you do?

Calm down and ask the girls what they were saying kindly
Rage and break through the girls madly like a over grown rhino!
Sneak in a bush and listen to what they are saying.
Report them! You are talking about me your not aloud to!! Growls.

Was this fun?

Not really
Sort of