What clothes shop should you be shopping in? (1)

What clothes shop should you be shopping in? (1)

Everyone has a specific fashion taste, this quiz helps you decide which clothes shop suits you and is worth spending your money on!

published on August 16, 201329 responses 6
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What color clothing do you like?

PINK!!! PINK!!! PINK!!! Did I say pink?
Dark, gothic colors. Or black.
Bright, funky, vibrant colours!!
I dunno, neutral colours I guess?
Denim colors!
rock colors!!! red to white!!!

What style of clothing do you like?

Girlygirl, cute stuff
I dunno, I just wear whatevers comfortable
Gothic clothes
Nice, Unique and RETROOOO!!!! clothes
Casual yet chic stuff
Rock n roll themed outfits.

If your entire wardrobe consisted of girlygirl clothes, what would you do?

*nudge me* I would love that, my wardrobe is filled with girly clothes.
Burn them then throw them in a bin. yuck. *gothic face*
I don't really care, as long as its comfortable.
Well... if it had a bit of denim in it and a few cute,chic tops, I'd throw away anything TOO girly though!
No way!!!! I LIKE ROCK N ROLL, are there any belt buckles, patched jackets, wide legged elvis trousers in there?
I don't mind if there pink and a bit girly, but are they retro? Like do they look like people would wear them in the past?

(What shop would suit you) What colour hair do you have?

Raven black
A funky, bright color. (Dyed: for example, blue, pink, red)
A normal color? I don't know, the same color as everyone elses?

How much time do you spend on your clothes?

I just shove on anything comfortable.
Not much, but a tiny bit. I like to stick with my normal pair of jeans and a simple cute tshirt.
ALOT! It takes long to complete the goth look and makeup
I like to spend quit a bit of time on my clothes. 10-5 mins, but it doesn't matter because all I wear is pink
I like to complete the rockibbily vibe so Im not out the house before I look completely rock n roll
I like to look retro, so I stay in till I complete the retro look.
I like to look unique, so I wear a different outfit everyday, that's maybe why I take so long.


*emo face*
um, hello?
ello ello chap
Hey boogie pal! What elvis song cha been rocking today?

Your personality is often a strong indicator of what type of style suits you best. For example a woman who is soft-spoken and likes to daydream usually gravitates towards frilly pieces like lace and ruffles. A culture-loving person tends to dress more urban and sporty than most fashionistas. Select the line with the words that best describe your personality:

Friendly, casual, athletic
adventural, culture and music girl
bold, open minded and enjoys life to the fullest
laid back, unconventional, sometimes a bit quiet
Friendly, happy, a bit of a girlygirl
Gothic, mysteriouse, interesting, don't reveal secrets easily

Choose the line that best describes your dream outfit

print dress, bold and eye popping jacket on top. Bright colours. Maybe a petticoat.
cropped leather jacket, black skinny jeans, bold and bright coloured top, studded platform heels
low rise jeans, simple tunic top, sneakers and small stud earings
anything comfortable but still pretty
long floral print dress with ruffels, pearl drop earrings, charm bracelet and a pair of sequined sandals
lace up, gothic corset top (black) fishnets under a lacy skirt with spiked heels and chunky black bangles

Its time to update your shoe closet, what do you get?

simple ballerina flats/pumps
All star converses
Black leather boots
platform heels
anything colourful, bold and unique

What type of accessories do you like?

Bangles or a cute charm bracelet
My watch?
A chunky studded belt
A cute necklace or sunglasses
a 1970's small handbag
A spiked headband or spiked collar necklace

I just found out this is only for girls, sorry boys

Yay, girls rule!!!!
*emo face*