Sporty or Girly?

Sporty or Girly?

This is to see if your in love with footballs, and running, or if you love painting nails, and going shopping!

published on June 02, 201352 responses 11
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High heels are...

Ugh! I'd break my neck in those!

Pink is...

You mean the singer?
My FAVE color!

Sports is on are you...

Part of it
Watching it
Neither! I hate sports!

What do you like to do on the weekends?

Shoot Hoops
Go to the mall

Keeping a diary is...

Weird! Why would you waste your time keeping track of your life!?
The best thing to do to keep track of important dates, cute boys, and the next best thing.

Getting dirty is...

Awesome! Its even sometimes better than sports! Its like a shower, to me.
HORRIBLE! Why would anyone enjoy getting brown dirt on them?