Are you good at school?

Are you good at school?

This is to find out about your grades and what not. It's to see if your actually good at school.

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If you get an A on a test, what is your reaction.

"Yay! My Mom and Dad will be so proud!"

If there is a hard question on a test do you...

Do the most logical answer.
Spend the rest of the time thinking about the question, before I answer it.

What does your report card look like?

Straight F's and D's.
Straight A's, B's and 2 C's.
Straight A's.

When was the last time you've gotten an A on a test?

I've never gotten an A on something.
About 3 months ago.

Have you ever gotten an F on something?

I've never not gotten an F on something.
Yes- About 2 or 3.
I didn't know you could get F's on tests!

Do your teachers like you?

All of mine hate me.
They like me. Here and there she will be a bit annoyed with me.

Do you cry if you get a C on a test?

No- that's like an A for me.
No, but I'm a bit disappointed.
I bawl for the rest of the night.