So pop or social flop

So pop or social flop

HEY YOU! YES YOU, THE ONE STARING AT THE SCREEN :) Are you one of the coolest people in the universe or are you a social outcast.This quiz is very accurate so if you're brave and truthful enough to take this quiz then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!? NOW STOP READING THIS AND TAKE MA QUIZ

published on June 01, 201316 responses 1 3.7★ / 5

What phone do you have?

All the latest. I have the Iphone 5 and 4 gs I have about 6 bb's and 2 htc's.
I like to keep in trend so I just have and Iphone
I have the oldest brick, it came out in 1988, it also has a crack through the middle
No i wont give in I wont do my I.C.T HOMEWORK

Have you ever been the cause of a fight?

yes, There was one jumper left!
no, I stay away from drama
Fights? I am not even aloud to watch them mainly because people always block view or say that weirdo's aren't aloud

How many parties are you invited to in a year? (roughly, if you know exactly then that's gr8 but also quite weird)

All of them, mostly because I throw most of them
None I never even hear about them
I go to a few but not all I want to have time for other things too

FINALLY, Do you think you are popular?


How many friends do you have?

Not many. I am not good at making friends. Wait does
my book count?
I have quiet a few that I know that are true friends, I don't any fake ones anyway
I have so many friends I can't even count. There are about 10 that are super pretty 25 that are quite pretty roughly 1000 that are pretty but known that are as pretty as me (IF YOU ARE A BOY REPLACE THE PRETTY WITH COOL)