Does He Like You Too?

Does He Like You Too?

You know that feeling when you like a guy and you just want to know if he likes you too? Well, also remember that this is just a fanmade quiz so im sorry if nothing works out between you guys.

published on June 01, 201384 responses 11 3.2★ / 5

Does he ever look at you?

Yeah, i've noticed that a lot
Not really

Does he talk to you?

Yeah, a lot
Most of the time, especially if we're in a
group with other friends
sometimes, but not in a flirty way or

How does he talk to you?

Clever, witty, and flirty
Normally, but also a little shy
Normally, like a friend

Does he agree with a lot of the things you say?

Most of the time
I guess we have some similarities, but i think
it's just a coincidence
I mean, he's a very opinionated person, so he
just says what he feels.

Does he stand around you?

Yeah, most of the time
I guess
Not really