What is your personality? (14)

What is your personality? (14)

Are you Emo, Popular,ect. Dont be upset by results i just got bored tbh.

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What is your favourite food?

I dont eat im too fat
Salad. Gotta stay fit
Dont really know

What would you do if you were getting bullied?

Cut your wrist for attention.
Make fun of them.
Walk away with your head phones in.
Stand up for yourself.

What is your favourite band/s?

Black Veil Brides/ Asking Alexandria/My Chemical Romance/Suicide Silence
30 Seconds to Mars/Paramore
Depends what mood im in.

What do you do in your spare time?

Listen to heavy metal.
Go shopping with your friends
Host a seance with your other friends
Act like a complete freak.

What colour is your hair?

Black with different colours some where
Any colour i feel like