What is Your Warrior Name and Personality?

What is Your Warrior Name and Personality?

You will answer a number of questions to find out your warrior cat's name and personality. I hope you enjoy!

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Would you prefer to be a loner or a clan cat?

Clan Cat
I Don't Care

Do you like being around other cats or do you prefer being alone?

I Love Being Around Other Cats!
Eh, I Don't Really Care.
I Would Rather Not.
I Hate It! I Can't Stand One Moment With Another Cat!

Do you ever want a mate or do you not?

Yes! I'd Love A Mate!
I Don't Mind So Much.
I Already Have A Mate.
I Don't Want A Mate But I Might Want One Down The Road.
Ugh. Just Another Cat To Worry About!

What Would You Prefer To Do In Your Spare Time?


Would You Take On A Cat From Another Clan As Your Mate Or Would You Care Too Much?

No! It's Against The Warrior Code!
No, Unless I Really Like This Cat.
I Would Do Anything For Love!

What color would you want your pelt to be?

Black And White.
A Light Cream Color With A Bit Of White.
Light Brown With Dark Brown And White Splots Everywhere.
Ginger With Black Stripes.