does that boy like you (for girls)

does that boy like you (for girls)

Does that boy you like like you? Answer this quiz to find out! Does he talk to you alot??!!

published on May 28, 201374 responses 11 4.0★ / 5

Do you talk alot?

Yes all the time
No never
only when i start the conversation
only when he starts the conversation

What one has happened between you?

We have spoke
We have hugged
We have kissed
We have had a fight
None of the above

How long have you known him?

We met today
Last week
Last month
Last year
A few years
Since we were babies

Where did you meet?

Down the road
The shop
Cant remember
Game show
At home watching movies

How often do you see him?

Every day
Every year
Every Month
We are neve apart