What Warriors character are you that I made up?

What Warriors character are you that I made up?

This quiz used to be about whales but now it's different!!! Now you can see what warriors character I made up you are! Sorry about the change, but to me, you are all whale awesome!!!

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Say you were kidnapped, what would you do?

I would attack whoever was holding me captive
and run away as fast as. Could
I would also attack, but I would instead run and
hide until they were gone, then get help
I would think calmly and make a plan
I would lash out while thinking of my family
I would whimper and try to hide

What is your group of friends like?

I'm right next to the leader of the group
I am leader of the group
I am the heart of the group
I'm the funny one in the group!!
I'm the calm and collected one

Quick, your clan is being attacked, what will you do?

Sound the battle cry!!!!
Organize the troops and plunge itNo the fight
Evacuate your family then fight
Ask starclan for help
Run away and hide

What color is your hair?

I dunno...
Orange or white
Brown or blonde
Black or grey

What is your worst quality? Be honest, it's ok.

I don't really know...
I'm a little hard headed...
I can be really shy...
Sometimes my family gets annoyed because I want to spend very second of every day with them...
I can get really foolish and clumsy and mess things up...