What are you like around the one for you?

What are you like around the one for you?

Describes you around the one for you. Find out how you will react around him/her.

published on May 27, 201334 responses 1 4.7★ / 5

How would you react if he/she asked if you want to go the cinema?

Hyper, wild, mad and crazy :D
Excited but not showing it.

You have to do a performance infront of him/her?

Get crazy and start shout because your scared.
Goof around and go crazy in a funny way.

You bump into him/her by accident?

Apologise straight away! :/
Have a good giggle about it together :')

You see them alone and sad?

Go up to them and comfort them:(
Go to them ask if they're ok and try to make them happy!

How do you see yourself in the future?

A bussiness owner!
Work from home person
In a stable job!
Designing things!
A comedian, acrobat or obscure career's!
No job at ALL!