am i ready for a bf (girls)

am i ready for a bf (girls)

wondering if your ready for a bf girls while my name is brooke and im here to help i have often wondered that as well that is why ik what im talking about so take this quiz and find out from me.

published on May 27, 2013141 responses 15 3.1★ / 5

when was the last time you had a bf

a month ago
year ago
weeks ago
never had one

how old were you when you had your first bf

never had a bf

when did you have your first kiss

a week ago
a year ago
years ago
never had a kiss

have you ever wanted a bf so bad that you went out with the first guy who liked you


do you think you need a bf to be happy

yes, guys are the only people who can pleasure you
no, as long as you have a family and friends who need guys

why are you taking thing quiz

im curious
sounded funny
i really wanna know

how old are you

18 or under
15 or under
13 or under