Who are you from Ivy Eve House?

Who are you from Ivy Eve House?

Yep, i was bored and made this! Hope you enjoy it and get the result you want!

published on October 02, 201111 responses 2

Lets start with the basics. Fave colour?

Hot things, like red.
Calm things, blue maybe?
Black ofc!
Plain, basic colours like cream.
Yellow! Sunshiny colours!
Primary colours, simple and understated.
Gold! Fabulous, like me!

What are you doing best in at school?

Sport, Ilove it!
Sport, I'm like flunking everything else :/
Hello, your talking to a straight A student here!!
Um... Does sleeping count?
Geting thrown out of class.
English, I love to write.
School is overrated. (Yes, that means I'm failing everything)

Where do you like to hang out?

Outside, in the woods. People take for granted the nature out here.
In my room, on my computer, or with a couple of good friends.
Where ever my friends are, especially if its a party!!
My room, where its quiet -.-
The beach but I hardly ever get to go...
The skate park or with my friends. Where ever I go I know I'll have a laugh.
The coolest clubs and shops in town, burning up my plastic.

What is your favourite season?

Omg, i dunno! They are all so amazeing in diffrent ways i just cant pick!!
Spring! Cute lambs :D
Autumn; no sun to tan my pale skin and no rain to screw with my hair...
Winter, i like the sketchy trees
Summer! I can spend all my time outdoors that way!
Spring, summers too hot to do anything :/
Summer so I can get a lush tan!

How would you describe your look?

Basic and comfy. I don't have tie to fuss with my appearance.
Retro chick. Kinda like an old movie star with some modern touches.
Cute gothic!
Simple really. I appreciate the awesomeness of well fitting jeans and a tank.
Crazy! I love colour and wear as much of it as I can!
Skater girl through and through!
I only wear the latest fashions and NEVER any of these cheap knock-offs *shudder*

How do you think people think about you?

I like to think they think I'm a good friend and a good laugh.
I think my friends think I am honest and smart and a great friend.
The party animal! Everyone says it!
My best friend says I'm the dark broody one *grumbles*
Hyper, crazy, weird.... I have a whole list...
People think I'm a laugh and I'm kinda proud about that.
People are jelouse of me. They want to be me.

And finally: did you like this quiz?

Yeah, it was cool.
I liked it, I hope it tells me something cool about myself.
Yeah it's fun!
I guess, but I don't know my result yet so...
Yeah it's cool! I can't wait to see what I get!!
Not bad.
If I say I loved it will I get a better result?!