what color are u?

what color are u?

sooo awesome sauce!!!! ur color is u and represents ur feelings and personality!!

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what group are you in at school?

goth, mean, new girl, not so rich
weird, smart, funny
sensative, nerd, not cool, crazy
perky, nice, funny, weird, perfect

what is ur favorite color?

light/ ocean blue, green
yellow, pink
dark blue, black
bright red, hot pink

what is your favorite movie?

harry potter, bridge to terebithia, oz the great and powerful
the muppets, freaky friday,
barbie, something about pie

what are u like? (describe ur personality)

perky, funy, nice and popular
sensative, crazy, smart
smart, loving, love fantasy
downer, hate fashionista's, anti-peppy, nice on the inside

what letter does ur name start with or whatever is close to it?

k, m, r
o, l, h
z, w, a
p, s, m