Are you an angel or a demon?

Are you an angel or a demon?

I know alot about this stuff. I hate how people assume about angels and demons. I know your really not an angel/demon, just see if youre like one.

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If someone asked you for money what would you say?

Here. (gives money and leaves)
Will you pay me back? Give me your soul.
If it will make you go away.
Mug them. They had money all along!!
Ignore them.

Someone is holding on for dear life at the edge of a building! You:

Help them. You'll probley be famous and get on the news!
Help them only to hold them hostage.
Apologize and walk away. Why should you disrupt fate? That person is supposed to die.
Save them and leave mysteriously.
Kick their hands until they let go.
Call the popo!

You're bored. You:

Go torture people with your friends.
Study or read.
Watch t.v.
Hire a prostitute.

You see people fighting. You:

Stare at them till they stop and walk away like they always do.
Join in!
Join one to gang up on the other then go to jail thinking: I'm so b@dass
Record it on your phone to post on facebook.
Kill them.

Your snack is:

Thinking: I don't eat snacks.
The kids trying to buy ice cream from my van.
My bf/gf
Pizza, ice cream, hamburgers
Crackers and cheese.

You wear:

Nuthin! I feel so free! ... It's cold in here.
School uniform.
Something that covers up any trace of my skin.
Something to show off mah sexy body
Tee shirt. Jeans.
Ripped clothes.

Do you think you'll get angel, demon or human?

I'm a sexy beast. Nuff said.
I'm a sexy beastz.
IDK!!! GOD!!
Bleh bleh!!