Are you a contortionist?

Are you a contortionist?

This quiz will tell you have flexible you are and how close you are to being a contortionist.

published on May 24, 201327 responses 2 5.0★ / 5

Can you do the splits?

left/right splits
middle splits
all splits
only some splits
i am close

Can you do a chest stand, and if so, how close are your feet to the ground

i can get my feet all the way to the ground plus they r straight
they are so close
no they don't touch the ground
I can't do a chest stand
I can get my feet to touch the ground but they r bent

can you do a back bend, if so, can you see your feet.

not only can i see my feet but i can grab them in a backbend
i can see them and am really close to grabbing them.
I can see them
i can't see them
i can't do a back bend.
What on earth is a backbend

Can you do a scrorpian? when you do how straight is your leg

I can do one with my leg straight back behind me!!!!
My leg is so close to being straight
I can do one, but, my leg isn't almost straight
ewww. wouldn't it sting you?!

do you do acrobatics, gymnastics, dance, or anything similar?

I do them all
Most of them
only one