Which Starcraft 2 race are you?

Which Starcraft 2 race are you?

Which Starcraft 2 race are you? Are you the deadly Protoss, the ruthlessly efficient Terrans, or the overwhelming Zerg swarm?

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You encounter animal life on a new planet. What do you do?

Kill it, it might be hostile.
Leave it be, I have no quarrel with it.
Try to incorporate some of its genes to improve my army.

Your army is split in half, and enemies are attempting to surround you. What do you do?

Attempt to reunite the army and keep on fighting.
My units are strong enough to fend for themselves, even if they're split into two groups.
I turn the tables on them and attempt to surround THEM.

A planet has been taken over by your enemies. What do you do?

I destroy the planet. No one is getting out alive.
I take over the planet with my units. I have more than enough units.
Kill everyone on the planet, but I want to keep the planet as a souvenir.

You have been captured and they're trying to interrogate you. What do you say/do?

Say nothing, they're not getting anything out of me!
Give them false information that will lead them into a trap to DIE.
Give them what they want, screw everything I believed in and fought for. (if you choose this, WTF)
Use my psionic abilities to crush those puny enemies.

Quality, quantity, or a mix of both?

Quality, I need de quality.
Quantity, even 10000 isn't enough.
Mix of both, I need de mix.

What superpower would you have?

The ability to communicate telepathically.
The ability to shoot rockets out of my hands.

What do you value more?


A good defense is a good...?

Uhm.... defense?
Defense and offense.

Do you prefer to be strong early game, okay all game, or powerful late game?

I want to be strong early game, late game doesn't matter. I'll have won before that.
I want to be okay throughout the whole game. I'll still crush the opposing army.
I want to be strong late game, I can hold out until then.

Your second-in-command dies. What is your reaction?

No! We fight as a team!
The loss is regrettable, but we must continue.
Doesn't matter, I make all the decisions anyways.

This won't count. What race do you think you are?

Terran. I just LOVE the... erhm... SCVs...
Protoss. I just love the... erhm... Probes...
Zerg. I just love the... erhm... Drones...