what is the perfect job for me

ever wondered what you were going to be when you grow up? find out now!!!

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your teacher says if you write an essay you will get extra credit you...

write an essay on sports and heath
make it into a little story
right an perfect essay that is weath 100$
write an essay on helping animals
completly ignore the assinment

my favorite lays chips are...

none too unheathy
sour cream and union
i dont really have a prefrince
give me them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my dream girl/guy would be..

creative /fun
extremly smart
animal lover

what is your least favorite out of these

taking a really hard test
going to the dentist
going to the doctor
going hunting
reading a really long boring book

i wish _____________ was in my weekly schedle

a meditation class
a peotry class
a study club
visiting the local animal shelter
20 hours of watching tv