What would you be in a warrior clan?

What would you be in a warrior clan?

This quiz is to see whether you would die by "accident" :P as a kit, apprentice, warrior, deputy, elder, or leader. (I left out medicine cat out because you don't really climb your way to power and it's mostly a decision.)

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You hear of cats from another clan drowning in the lake, how do you react?

Save them, despite warnings from many of your
Ask your leader if you can lead a small patrol to go
save them.
Lead a patrol to go find the cats and save them.
Join a patrol to go down to the lake.
Ignore it, they aren't from your clan.
Look into the matter to see if what the warriors say is

The leader is about to tell the clan who her new deputy is. What do you do?

You say: "I'm the one on top of highledge about to
You are already in the front, knowing the leader
probably isn't going to choose you despite you being
best suited for it.
Charge out of the nursery to try to see who it is, being
trailed by your mother and littermates.
Curiously go to the front, slightly hoping it's you.
Charge to the front and lash your tail back and forth,
anticipating your new position.
Sit next to your littermates and wait for her decision.

You are sent on a patrol to the nearest border and you--

jump in excitement and run up to the patrol leader.
lead the patrol.
appoint cats to go because you want to finish your
first duty beforehand.
ask if you can stay behind because you still hurt badly
from the last battle.
follow along, it's just another patrol.
Follow along somewhat anxiously.

Your leg starts to hurt really badly and you seem a little unsteady, but you are supposed to be hunting for the clan. What do you do?

Immediately got to the medicine cat to see what the
problem is.
Try to grit through it, despite the concern of your
Try to hide it from people, you don't want clanmates to
think you're weak.
Try to ignore it, if it's nothing then the elders and kits
could go hungry.
Ignore it unless it gets worse, then try to get help from
Talk to the members of the patrol for advice.

It's the middle of the night and you hear a rustling noise just above the hollow, what do you do?

Wake your leader and clanmates and decide on a point
of action with them.
Check to see if there are cats missing from their dens,
if they are then you go check it out.
Wake up a couple of cats and try to find out what's
making the noise.
Warily check it out.
Ignore it.
Immediately go to see what it is, careful not to wake

You find out it's either a fox or two clanmates there. You--

Jump out and try to fight what you think is a fox.
Walk out of where you're hiding and say: "Well, well,
well. Look who's here."
Ask the cats you brought along to block all exits while
you figure which one it is.
You never went to check, you're still in your den.
Hiss and see how it/they respond.
Carefully walk out of your hiding spot to see who it is.

Last question, what role do you want?

"Umm, isn't it obvious?"