what faction are you?

what faction are you?

are you Candor, Eurlite, Dauntless, Abgnation, or Amity? find out here. maybe you might be Divergent!

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your teacher asks you to turn in your assignment. you forgot it! you...

tell the teacher the truth
copy off someone else
ask a friend to help you
redo it quickly
do as much as you can then turn it in and tell the teacher you misheard her
take the blame and sit in lunch detention with your brother staring at you

you see an old man dying on the street. you..

help him
shoot him...he looks like the crimanal you saw on a newspaper
try to give him open heart surgery
tell the police you saw a crimanal
you save him but tell the doctors that he just looks like a criminal.. you dont want to give him trouble
dont help him bout tell your parents the story with a tweak. you dont want them to know he is a criminal

a tiger is about to leap on your little cousin. you...

leap between the girl and the tiger
watch the child die and tell your parents everything
kill the tiger
outsmart the tiger and send him away with a stick with the girl's scent on it
try to calm the tiger
try to calm the tiger but also try to hurt him as well. you also try to send him off with a stick and hurt yourself. you tell you parents that you fell into a thorn bush.

would you rather...

keep peace
tell the truth and reveal everything
help people
they all sound so tempting...

you see a cute boy at school. you...

forget about boys! i have homework! and he is abgnation! ughh!
you take him shooting darts after school
you tell him your whole life story and all of your feelings for him.
you offer for him to come over and listen to him and do whatever he says
you ask him to come with you to see your grandma
i tell him hi and that he is cute. i offer for him to come over and play darts