What Warrior Cats Clan Are You In? (1)

What Warrior Cats Clan Are You In? (1)

Find out whether you're a ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, or RiverClan cat from the warriors books.

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What is your favorite color?


What is your favorite season?


If you saw a random cat caught in a twoleg trap, what would you do?

Just walk away, they aren't a member of your clan.
Help them of course!
Only if they're kits or my clanmate, as the warrior code
What's in it for me?

Warriors from another clan come to you asking for help in a battle against the other two. How do you react?

"You can handle it yourself." *walks away*
"Well let's go!"
"What would your clan do for me?"
"Go talk to my leader about it. Then we'll see."

You hear that another clan's kits are drowning in a river. What will you do?

Help them. The warrior code demands it!
Help them of course!
If they can't take care of themselves, they don't
deserve to be saved.
If my clan is taken care of, why not?

You hear that warriors to the same clan as the kits are doomed to the same fate. what's your reaction? (aside from making sure that that clan stops trying to drown themselves)

They're warriors, they can figure it out.
I should help them!
If I help them they might do the same for me, so sure.
If we get into a battle with that clan it will be easier
with a few less warriors on their side.

What Clan do you want to be in?


What is your ideal place to be?

Near water
In a swamp
Out in the open
Deep in a forest

What is your favorite thing to do of these choices?

Climb trees
Battle other cats